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It's no secret that blow molded products by Damar Plastics has long been the industry leader in blow molding plastic products that require a high attention to quality detail from start to finish. We, at Damar Plastics, are committed to giving you that same "quality at a competitive price" value not only with blow molded products, but also with your Injection Molded Products.

Now you don't have to use a variety of vendors for your different product lines. Whether it is a stock–or custom–Carrying Case or a custom-designed product, Damar Plastic's blow molded products team of highly skilled experts is ready to meet all your blow molding and injection molding needs—at a price you can afford.

Located in state-of-the-art facilities in San Diego, CA, blow molded products by Damar Plastics has established a national reputation for high quality, dependable production. Damar Plastics blow molded products designs and manufactures our tooling in-house, ensuring integrity of production from start to finish.�

  • One-Stop Turnkey Operation-Everything under one roof
  • Custom, single & double wall industrial blow and injection molding
  • Engineering Services- product & mold design (CAD)
  • Complete mold making capabilities (CAM)
  • Flexible product choices–Custom short or long runs are our specialty


To view blow molding product gallery and specifications click "blow molded products " or select it from the top menu under Blow Molding Services.


There's just one conclusion: Blow Molded Products by Damar Plastics is the obvious choice for all your Blow MoldingAND Injection Molding needs!�

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